You’ve been WARNED!!!!

I am in my 30’s, amazingly, continuing on this exploration of life, liberty, and the unwanted scents and smells of parenthood. I am married to a beautiful woman, who I have the up most respect and honor for. She has given me the opportunity to change, grow, learn and become a father. Together we have two daughters that are brilliant beyond belief. Which also leads to long times between getting posts out and actually being able to write anything with content.

If you have anything that you would like me to review your blog or have questions/comments that you don’t want to appear on the comment section feel free to send me an email through the contact page. Spam, threats and negative comments will dealt with in the proper manner. Be respectful and everything will be fine.

*Below this area are disclaimers and updates*

By no means am I a professional therapist or in the medical field. Also I am not a professional reviewer. This site and posts are meant for entertainment only. It is the readers responsibility to ensure that any recipes are cooked to a safe temperature. Any information used in any blog posts is not related to anyone other than whom I declare. I know this, because I seriously don’t know anyone. I’m too busy to socialize, so I blog.

Any information, photographs and/or images used, is copyrighted by its creator. I hold no rights to them and used them to only share information. If you own a right to an image or citation and if the image or citation is incorrect or if you would like to have it removed. Please make a comment in the comment box below of the blog that has the misinformation posted or use the contact form. I do ask that you use a verifiable way to communicate with (you) the owner.


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